Love Legacy

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Love Legacy

Nicole lives inside all of us. Her mantra for life is, ‘Love. All you need is more love.’ 

She was the very dear friend of our friend, Rachel Milan (Glad To Be Here), and battled Stage 4 breast cancer for nearly eight years (diagnosed like Rachel, while she was pregnant).

Rachel and Nicole have been tethered through their experience and Nicole will always be remembered and honored for how she listened to the universe which kept her grounded, peaceful, mindful and forever grateful.  

Nicole is a testament to life and love. She blessed all of us with her art. Famous for her mandala paintings and rock art that she ran workshops for, every single drop of paint or ink she placed, was placed with an intention. If you are fortunate enough to have one of her pieces, know how blessed you are.

Giftologie has created a personal piece in memory of Nicole.

May this piece of art keep her legacy among us. May the bracelet sit at your pulse-line, your heart beating in time with hers. Her energy that knows no bounds, her laugh that crosses all space, and her vibration of love that is centred in our universe, for all of us to capture. 

We know Nicole would want her legacy carried forward through Rachel’s current campaign to bring better treatments for breast cancer to Canada. We are pleased to share proceeds with Rachel’s campaign. 

All Giftologie cuffs are printed with an inspirational quote inside.

Printed with a permanent dye which gives a nice vibrant finish.

Made of aluminum the cuffs are hypo-allergenic and nickel free, with no toxic finishes.
These bracelets are light weight and slightly bendable allowing them to be molded to fit most sizes.

Width is 1.5"



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